Hi, I am Damir,

I am glad you found me 😉

I am an innovator, technologist, futurist and impact driver, and I have a passion for a bold future. I explore and continuously learn to advance my knowledge.

As Alan Kay said: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint for a successful digital future, transformation and innovation. But as with cooking, there are many different ingredients to prepare different kinds of dishes.

Some key ingredients are technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT or blockchain, platforms, crowds, open innovation, ecosystems, human-centricity, future-oriented thinking, design thinking, moonshot thinking, experimentation and digital business design.

The art is to combine these and additional ingredients to create a successful digital business with outstanding value propositions.

And here is where I come in. I have a knack for connecting ingredients to design a digital business and reach a bold future.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk and exchange.

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