Futurist, Technologist, Explorer

Damir Kusar

Experienced future focused leader and driver of innovations and digital transformations. 

Did you know that Future focused organizations are much more successful?! Are You Next?


This is me


With a passion for technology and science fiction, the step of exploring the future was naturally given. Understanding today’s signals and drivers help to explore scenarios and create a vision of a possible future, to innovate and drive transformations.

Future Mindset

Purpose-driven. Tackling crazy and bold ideas. Understanding the past and present, focused on the future. Long-term instead of short-term thinking. Being comfortable being uncomfortable. Lifelong learner and un-learner. Trend explorer. Anticipating the future. Dreamer and visionary.


Technology is exponential, especially digital technologies and there are endless possibilities. While everything is possible with technology, I am asking how we can use the technology to create real value for people, business, society, and our environment. Yes, we can do it, yes we care!

Exponential Mindset

Striving for a 10X improvement rather than a 10% incremental improvement. Understanding the power of exponential growth. Leveraging exponential technologies. Understanding the power of the crowd. Seeking data-driven evidence. Motivational. Transformational.



As an explorer, I think big towards a goal, but working in small, agile, iterative steps. I learn along the journey of product development or transformations, creating hypotheses, learning and creating evidence, changing directions if needed.

Explorer Mindset

Thinking big, starting small. Highly adaptive to changing operating conditions, flexible and responsive. Bold curiosity. Pushing boundaries. Exploring the unknown. Anything can happen. Adventurous. Agile. Experimental


My Offers

Future View

Future View bridges the gap between multiple worlds and provides a holistic understanding of how we can leverage technologies, innovations, foresight, and radical new designs to get ready for tomorrow and transform the future. Get ready for it!

Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight, also known as Futures Studies, is a disciplined process that organizations use to gather and process information about their future operating environment, to create forecasts and scenarios. This information can include, for example, trends and developments in their political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments. This knowledge is used to define strategies, partnerships, ecosystems, to innovate and transform for long term success. The ultimate goal is to become a resilient and sustainable organization.

Digital Transformations

Digital technologies are ubiquitous, exponential and one of the biggest drivers which force organizations to change. Every organization must digitally transform to leverage digital technologies, create digital offerings, and stay competitive in the future. Looking ahead, what is coming helps to identify which direction must be taken, which changes are needed, and how. 

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