My Mindset

Future Mindset

Understanding the past and present, focused on the future. Long-term instead of short-term thinking. Having empathy. Being comfortable being uncomfortable. Lifelong learner and un-learner. Dreamer and visionary.  

Growth Mindset

Learning about things not known. Getting better every day. Embracing challenges. Welcoming feedback and criticism. Learning and inspiration from others. Never giving up. 

Explorer Mindset

Thinking big, starting small. Highly adaptive to changing operating conditions, flexible and responsive. Bold curiosity. Pushing boundaries. Exploring the unknown. Anything can happen. Adventurous. Agile. Experimental

Moonshot Mindset

Purpose-driven. Tackling crazy and bold ideas. Striving for a 10X improvement rather than a 10% incremental improvement. Motivational. Transformational.

Exponential Mindset

Understanding the power of exponential growth. Leveraging exponential technologies. Understanding the power of the crowd. Seeking data-driven evidence. Using the 6Ds (Digitized, Deceptive, Disruptive, Dematerialized, Demonetized, Democratized).

This is me


With a passion for technology and science fiction, the step of exploring the future was naturally given. Understanding today’s signals and drivers help to explore scenarios and create a vision of a possible future, to innovate and drive transformations.

Humanist Technologist

Technology is exponential, especially digital technologies and there are endless possibilities. While everything is possible with technology, I am asking how we can use the technology to also create real value for people, business, society, and our environment. Yes, we can do it, yes we care!


As an explorer, I think big towards a goal, but working in small, agile, iterative steps. I learn along the journey of product development or transformations, creating hypotheses, learning and creating evidence, changing directions if needed. There is no 100% secure blueprint for a guaranteed success, but being an explorer helps. 

I am experienced and passionate about technologies, innovation, sustainability, and transformations.

With a background in computer science and management, the experience and expertise in various roles, fields, and industries, and the ability to anticipate the future, I lead transformations and innovations to face a changed tomorrow. I have a flair for people and bringing them together, to inspire and to work towards a common and bold goal.


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